Curator: John Zorn

In 2005, John ZORN launched The Stone, a club that does not sell drinks or merchandise, it does not charge commission or aims at generating profit. The Stone has a single goal: to present music and music alone. The entire income from the sale of tickets goes to the musicians. John ZORN, in addition to being the master mind and the curator of the program, financially covered the Club's expenses. Ever since hundreds of musicians of all generations have held thousands of concerts of various types and styles of avant-garde and experimental music.

In 2018, the Stone changed its address. After 13 years, it has left its New York C Avenue address and moved to the New School Glass Box Theater. But that's not all. The Stone continued to move and arrived to Europe for the first time!

The Stone in Europe Series started in September. Instead of week residences like in New York, a band will come to Europe to hold an exclusive week tour. To start the European Stone Odyssey, we asked John ZORN to mark his 65th birthday by choosing some of his most compelling works from his ample catalog in order to start the Stone series in Europe and there is no better way to celebrate his birthday than by celebrating his work and his music.

Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Vienna, Rotterdam, Ghent, Den Bosch, Amsterdam, Oslo, Vilnius... The Stone have rolled into many European cities. The Stone in Europe continued in 2019 and will continue in 2020. John ZORN selected some of the most exciting musicians of our times who will play their original repertoire for The Stone in Europe Series.

The Stone in Europe Series is organized by Unstable Network, an independent touring network of European promoters.

Would you help us carry the Stone?



Mary Halvorson & Bill Frisell
February 10 Vienna, Porgy & Bess
February 11 Ljubljana, Klub CD
February 13 Ghent, Handelsbeurs
February 14 Amsterdam, Bimhuis
February 15 Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria


Nicole Mitchell & Cory Smythe
December 10 Ljubljana, Klub CD
December 11 Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria
Wendy Eisenberg Trio
September 30 Sarajevo, Klub 1
October 1 Ljubljana, Klub CD
October 2 Vienna, Porgy & Bess
Sofia Rei & JC Maillard
April 15 Sarajevo, SARTR
April 16 Ljubljana, Klub CD
April 17 Ghent, Handelsbeurs
October 11 Amsterdam, Bimhuis
October 16 Vilnius Jazz Festival
Uri Caine solo
March 19 Ljubljana, Klub CD
March 20 Rotterdam, LantarenVenster
March 22 Ghent, Handelsbeurs
Ikue Mori
February 11 Vienna, Porgy & Bess
February 12 Ljubljana, Klub CD
February 13 Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria


Secret Chiefs 3
November 3 Jazz Fest Sarajevo
November 5 Vienna, Porgy & Bess
November 6 Ljubljana, Klub CD
November 8 Den Bosch, November Music
November 9 Ghent, Handelsbeurs
November 10 Groningen, RockIt Festival
October 18 Sarajevo, Jazzbina
October 19 Mostar, OKC Abrašević
October 20 Sarajevo, SARTR
December 4 Ljubljana, Klub CD
Brian Marsella Trio
October 11 Ghent, Handelsbeurs
October 12 Amsterdam, Bimhuis
October 13 Vilnius, Jazz Festival
October 15 Vienna, Porgy & Bess
October 16 Ljubljana, Klub CD
October 18 Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria
Mary Halvorson Quartet
September 1 Rotterdam, LantarenVenster
September 3 Sarajevo, Historijski muzej
September 4 Ljubljana, Klub CD
September 5 Vienna, Porgy & Bess