Curators 2020: Jan Ole Otnæs (Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria, Norway), Bogdan Benigar (Cankarjev Dom, Slovenia), Wim Wabbes (Handelsbeurs, Belgium), Christoph Huber (Porgy & Bess, Austria), Edin Zubčević (Jazz Fest Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina).  

Continuing the growth of Unstable Network, in May of 2019 in Gent as part of the AEP meeting in the organisation Europe Jazz Network and co-organisation Belgium Jazz Meeting, members of Unstable Network - Jan Ole Otnaes, Bogdan Benigar, Wim Wabbes and Edin Zubčević started an initiative to make the platform (Unstable Network) devoted to not only promoting young European musicians, but also established ones. Three tours are planned in 2020.

Also, at a board meeting in Trondheim, EJN made a decision about the prize - Zenith, the new EJN Award for excellence and innovation in emerging artists that will be awarded annually at 12 Points. As an award, the winner will receive the European tour in 2020 and the first concert at the EJN Jazz Conference in 2021 as well.

The Zenith Award will shine a spotlight on one remarkable European ensemble or solo project working in creative jazz and improvised music. The winner of the very first EJN Zenith Award for emerging artists in collaboration with the 12 Points Festival - Trio Heinz Herbert from Zurich, Switzerland, were unanimously selected by an ad hoc EJN Jury from the 12 bands participating at the 2019 edition of the 12 Points Festival, held at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam last September. The band is now available for tour dates in 2020.


DrummingCellist solo + Drago Ivanuša solo
October 20 Ljubljana, Klub CD
October 21 Ghent, Handelsbeurs
October 22 Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria
Trio Heinz Herbert
June 20 Jazz Festival Ljubljana
Stian Westerhus - V
January 18 Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria
January 19 Vienna, Porgy & Bess
January 20 Sarajevo, Klub 1
January 21 Ljubljana, Klub CD
January 22 Munich, Schwere Reiter
January 23 Ghent, Handelsbeurs
January 24 Cologne, Stadtgarten
EJN Creative Europe